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Pakistanis Confirms Change



Pakistan Wants Change

Pakistan – Torture of around four tough years , false hopes being injected for electricity shortfalls and basic necessities . After such a mistake by Nation , now this is the time to think something beyond .

When a nation stood to be a nation ? We have been taught from our childhoods , when there is a need there’s a way . Unfortunately , our education system spoiled so much that we just memorized this word , and not been forced to understand the meaning in the depth of this phrase.  We need to improve Education system on emergency basis .

Yes , health is a big issue . Dengue , flu’s and other increasing diseases are increasing with substantial percentage. However , despite of focusing on our food quality , we tend to prefer better doctor. There is a major increase in corruption of Food Qualities . Life threatening food items being prepared , sold and eaten on very large scale . There should be proper inspection of such matters.

We cannot blame government about jobs , yes the only blame upon government is that they are not providing suitable environment for businesses which ultimately results in creating vacancies .

How they can provide suitable environment ? This could be answered by just one means , Proper and uninterrupted supply of electricity on cheap rates. I bet we could find world’s treasures.

From last years i am believing on the current government that they would going to hold the situation , but now its better to think about change .

Pakistani’s must be hopeful , as a nation we are obliged to hope for better Pakistan . And , must take best decisions while voting .



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