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Pakistan Flood Aid Notifications : US aid diverted



Flood Aid Pakistan

Pakistan hit by one of the history’s worst disaster ever. Indeed due to our current government credibility we find ourselves in quite restricted and isolated environment to receive any type of Aid from any country. In the beginning of this disaster our president was on a trip to Europe , where he was highly criticized. Our Political parties were not serious as they were to be , regarding this issue. However, after few days we just came up with this conclusion , that we really are in trouble.

When we started to raise voices , no one was coming out for contribution , no one was even assured of any transparent system for relief operation. But at the end , United Nation President visits Pakistan and appeal to the whole world. Meanwhile the first aircraft carrying aid of Saudi Arabia landed.

  • USA Flood Aid Diverted to Reconstruction

Now when the disaster still continuous, USA have decided to divert their flood aid of $ 7.5 Billion for reconstruction in Pakistan after this flood.  Stating that Pakistan is receiving sufficient funds from all over the world , and up to now they are pretty much impressed the way all things handled.

  • Loan of 3 Billion Dollars under consideration , should we take this loan?

In regard of this disaster,  the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank have also agreed to give loan worth three billion dollars ($ 3 Billion)   to Pakistan. Now , we must be very conscious taking more Loan , cause we have already been stuck into IMF (INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND) Loan.

  • Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is leading for contributing in this flood relief in terms of providing products and funding till now. They not just have announced but they are providing timely. Shah Abdullah himself contributed a huge amount , and also urged his nation to fund Pakistan.

  • China

China announced that it increased its flood relief assistance for Pakistan by an additional nine million dollars. China has already contributed relief worth ten million dollars.

In the recent weeks six aircraft sorties have delivered tents, blankets, generators, water purifiers, food items, bottled drinking water and medicines to flood affected areas in Pakistan.

This assistance will help provide 10,000 tents.

  • United Kingdom

Sahara Trust of famous singer Abrar-ul-haq has actually collected Rs. 20 Million from a Pakistani community in Manchester alone. Whereas, Government have announced it would distribute 6 million pounds though UNICEF in PAKISTAN flood. Uk have actually increased their amount from 3 million pounds to 6 million.

Now we are more concerned to see this aid substantially in the form of happy people which were to be victimized by merciless flood. We are more concerned that each penny should be put to the right place. If this not happens , then we might have lost the lust of Nation.

To know the full information or How you can help? Please click here.

Desi Fashion

HSY to stage grand finale at PSFW 2015 with ‘INK’





LAHORE, Pakistan: In the lead up to the 8th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) being held from the 18 – 21st of April 2015, the Pakistan Fashion Design Council has revealed the names of participating designers, textile houses and high-street brands.

PFDC Schedule





The iconic courtier Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) is set to close PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015 with “INK”; a collection inspired by Asia and specifically HSY’s journeys to The Land of Rising Sun.

INK represents the essence of Langkawi, Indonesia, Nagasaki, and Yunnan with natural and indigenous yarns, hand-woven to perfection. Expect the traditional dyeing techniques of Shibori from Nagasaki, Batik from Indonesia, and Gara from Sierra Leone infused with mackintosh, saffron, aubergine, eggshell, rosette, indigo and ochre. Created with the scorching sub continental summer in mind, INK channels versatile hemlines to suit a diversity of younger, older, working men, women and homemakers alike.

Big names that will be missed in this edition of PSFW are: 

Fashion giants such as Elan, Shehla Chatoor and Ali Xeeshan are missing from the roster. One may wonder why they choose to miss out on one of the biggest fashion showcases of the year. Ali Xeeshan may be boycotting the event after an unpleasant incident last year at PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week but what about the rest?

PSFW 2015 kicks off on 18 April and will end on 21 April.

-Jago News-


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AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501 is Probably Found





On early Sunday 28th December, 2014 an AirAsia Indonesia airliner flying from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 passengers on board has gone missing.

Search operation held the answer in the report is very little.

This is the third Malaysian-linked aviation disaster this year (2014) , an AirAsia airliner plane traveling from Indonesia to Singapore disappeared early Sunday over the Java Sea. Search Officials and other experts indicate that it probably crashed into the ocean, and although possible the remains of plane that has been badly damaged or destroyed. has already been spotted, nothing has yet been confirmed.

There were 155 passengers on board, the airliner company said in a statement:
• 138 adults, 16 children and one infant
• Most on board were Indonesian
• Several were from other countries: one UK national, a Malaysian, a Singaporean and three South Koreans
• The BBC understands that the British national is Chi-Man Choi
• Two pilots and five crew were also on board – one French, the others Indonesian

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Hurricane Sandy: Ten facts and figures




Hurricane Sandy was a tropical cyclone that severely affected portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October 2012, with lesser impacts in the Southeastern and Midwestern states and eastern Canada.

1. Hurricane Sandy began in Jamaica on October 22nd, developing from an elongated tropical wave near the Caribbean sea.

2. More than 12,000 flights were canceled due to the hurricane and the three main airports which serve New York City were shut down for two days.

3. In one of the worst affected areas, more than 100 homes were destroyed by an overnight blaze in the Irish enclave of Breezy Point in Queens.

4. There was no trading for two days on Wall Street as a result of the storm damage. The last time the New York Stock Exchange closed for two consecutive days for weather-related reasons was 1888.

5. During the height of the storm, estimates suggest there were over three and a half million tweets with the hashtag #Sandy, according to the New York Times. Instagram’s chief executive officer Kevin Systrom told the Associated Press that about 10 pictures per second were being uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #sandy.

6. Estimated to run into tens of billions of dollars, the scope and cost of the damage is still unknown. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey called it “incalculable.”

7. In comparison, Hurricane Irene, a New York storm which hit in August of 2011, cost the city alone $55 million, according to the New York Daily News.

8. As a result of the storm, the Greenwich Village Halloween parade was postponed for the first time in the parade’s 39-year-history.

9. Sandy caused the worst damage in the NY subway’s 108-year-history. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced limited subway service would resume on Thursday, but significant sections of the largest mass-transit system in the U.S. remain disabled.

10. Over 4.8 million customers remained without power on Thursday morning in 15 states and the District of Columbia, according to CNN. The worst affected states are New Jersey with 1,983,694 customers out of power; New York with 1,514,147; Pennsylvania with 526,934; and Connecticut with 352,286.

-Jago News-

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