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5 best features of your new iPhone 6





Optical image stabilization

If you’re lucky enough to have snagged an iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll probably notice that your photos are a lot less blurry. Why? Apple is using a combination of the A8 SoC, the M8 motion coprocessor, and the lens of the camera itself to offer optical image stabilization. Your phone is sensing the shaking of your hand, and it’s compensating for that with image processing as well as movements of the camera lens. The result is clearer pictures — even in low light situations. The best part? It’s completely automatic, so you don’t have to change a thing.

1080p 60fps video recording

You’ve been able to record 1080p video on smartphones for a while now, but Apple wants to push the limits with this release. With both models of the new iPhone, you can record all of your videos in full 1080p HD at either 30 fps or 60 fps. Crisp, clear, and virtually no motion blur to speak of. If you’re recording your kid’s soccer game, or shooting from a moving vehicle, this will make all the difference in the world. Even better, the slo-mo mode now supports upwards of 240 fps, so you can capture an insane amount of detail in your home movies.

Apple Pay

Other companies have been trying to get NFC payments to stick in the US for years. It hasn’t taken off as of yet, but hopefully Apple Pay will change all of that. Apple has slapped an NFC chip its new phones, and partnered with companies like McDonald’s, Walgreens, and Staples to help make NFC payments a reality across the United States. It’s still too early to tell whether or not Apple Pay will catch on, but just the idea of using your phone to pay for your sandwich is incredibly novel and exciting to most of us.


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Business in Pakistan 2013




2013 has arrived with very loud noise for the whole world that its enough for the recessions anywhere now! However, in Pakistan businesses are under critics not because of recessions but because of man made crisis  of electricity and other energies.

7 years ago we heard that energy crisis would be chased in 5 years and today we are hearing the same voice from some political powers would going to kill these crisis in coming 2-3 years. However, unfortunately our energy think tanks have still not measured from where to start ?

The damage given by energy crisis

  • Textile Titanic of Pakistan sinked more than half because of Governance made crisis
  • IT industry is facing serious trouble of interruption in electricity
  • Small and medium sized production centers deemed to close their units because they cannot face losses
  • Inflationary genie has come out of lamp and making alliance with energy crisis with high cost

This was one phase of Pakistan’s business prospect , on the other side we have to find opportunities in Pakistan as Business :

  • Cheap , excess electricity
  • Low cost Fuel and lubricants but with good quality
  • Huge market waiting for you the matter is access production of energy but on low cost

Low cost energy and fuels definitely would going to ignite the whole industry on minor and major levels both. People are loosing buying power because of not having windows to invest and to circulate their capital.

What you need an environment for the business , in Pakistan its just an environment gap. Once the environment sets everything would be on a smooth road to success.

Whereas, still different companies working for better exports of Pakistan like Briotex and other similar companies.


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