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Veena Malik Analysis Bigg Boss 4 : Front Line 12.dec.2010 [Video]



Veena & Ashmit

Express News , Kamran Shahid arranged a program on a sentimental issue for Pakistani’s regarding Veena Malik in Bigg Boss 4. In the opening ceremony of Bigg Boss 4 Veena Malik announced to take the responsibility as a Pakistani ambassador and carries herself viciously in Indian reality show. Here are the videos of program :

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Veena Malik Jawaani Performance in Bigg Boss 4 [VIDEO]




Veena Malik

Finally Bigg Boss 4 end’s up last saturday January 8th 2011, and Shweta Tiwari Won’s the India’s biggest reality show. She earned 10 Million Indian rupees as a result of her winning. She told that she would going to spend this money for her’s daughter education and her bright future.

Different members of house gave stage performance in the grand finale. However , Veena Malik gave one of her usual wild performance to make Indian audience mad. She did even informed of the controversies and her scandals in Pakistan. Might she want to live in India rest of her life.

Have a look at her performance and please post your comments and views :

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Meera is yet to come on Bigg Boss 5…. !!!



Meera in Bigg Boss 5

Meera on Bigg Boss 5

The Fact: Meera’s Times of India interview revealed that would she be part of Bigg Boss next season ? She didn’t want to be part of the same house with Veena Mlaik and looks forward to ‘exposing’ her, whatever that means.

The prediction: Meera enters Bigg Boss 5 with fellow Pakistani Salman Ahmad. While Meera will try to become “besties” with Salman Khan, Salman Ahmad will strum his guitar and recite Sufi mysticism. Meera, as evidenced from her recent television appearance, will blabber nonsense and tell all the houseguests she’ll get back to them with an answer the next day, when asked about the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

so,  people of Pakistan, get ready to have another blast, which is going to be happen in 2011 by our beloved meera as it was already done by veena malik in bigg boss 4, she simply  destroyed the image of Pakistan not only among Indian but also it ruined our image in the whole world. Now let’s see, and lets keep our fingers crossed 🙂

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LARRY KING LIVE end’s : Obama & Clinton on the Last Show




Larry King End's

He may have decided to hang his boots after an iconic broadcasting career that lasted 25-years but CNN host Larry King says he is not retiring. The last day of Larry King Live on CNN on Thursday saw the 77-year-old broadcaster getting a warm send off by not one but two US presidents as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton joined in to pay their tribute to King.

“You’re not going to see me go away,” King, who was also joined by his wife and two sons on the final show told the audience.

In a message recorded at the White House, President Obama told viewers: “I want to join all of you in congratulating Larry King.”

While Clinton, a regular on the show, said: “Thank you for the years, you were great.”

A slew of other personalities from different walks of life joined Obama, Clinton and California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to honour the outgoing host.

TV personalities including Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters and Brian Williams appeared in CNN’s New York studio to support King, who ended his 25-year run last night that saw him interviewing 50,000 people in more than 6,000 episodes.

An emotional King thanked his audience for watching and promised not to stay out of the spotlight.

“I’m going to go on and do a lot of other things,” King said, adding that he will do some shows on CNN on and off.

“When I started out 25 years ago in a little studio in Washington DC I never thought it would last as long as this.

“You’re not going to see me go away, but you’re not going to see me on this set anymore…I don’t know what to say except to you, my audience, thank you, and instead of goodbye, how about so long?” King said.

TV show host Piers Morgan will take over King’s 9pm slot, which will start in January.

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