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An apple a day improves memory: study



LONDON: You’ve probably heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a recent study suggests that a couple of apples a day might keep the neurologist away.

Antioxidants help preserve memory by protecting brain cells against damage from free radicals, research stated.

Besides helping your memory and protecting your brain, apples have also been shown to lower your risk for many cancers.

Research recommends consuming two-to-three apples or one-to-two 8 ounce glasses of apple juice each day.

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5 International Food Brands Making Pakistanis Sick




Now how culture and eating habits change in just a decade. This is one of the analysis :

  1. Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald’s holds to be the leader in making people sick not just in Pakistan but have already done enough destruction in USA, UK and other countries. Mc Donald’s owns the responsibility of making people fatty, bulky and major diabetic.

Why Mc Donald’s ? Mc Donald’s is the initiator in producing a surge of Fast Food , and that wave took human beings towards life time diseases.  Ultimately , makes people unfit , unhealthy,  fatty and diabetic.

  1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is next the major issue , without any doubt people are unable to afford Pizza Hut pizza from the prospect of common man in Pakistan. However, Pizza Hut is responsible for openings of large number of Pizza parlors and restaurants in Pakistan. Pizza is severally unhealthy and dangerous for Heart patients also increase high risk of Cholesterol , Uric Acid and Diabetes.

Another additional thing for making people fatty , unfit and unhealthy.

  1. KFC

KFC is also one of the stake holders in making people sick as Mc Donald’s. They introduced Fried Chicken as an addition. They mean Business not health of their customers. KFC impacts revolutionary on Pakistan food culture that it generates indirectly AFC , HFC , LFC and many more Fried Chicken Houses .

  1. Domino’s Pizza

Pizza is unhealthy by whatever name it is to be called , yes indeed Domino’s came late in Pakistan. Domino’s is not responsible for growing Pizza Takeaways but Domino’s responsible for making people sick in respect of Value attach to it. Too expensive meal and of course unhealthy. Expensiveness makes people mentally sick for not meeting up to the needs of common person.

  1. Subway

Now this is one way of food , which is not dangerous for health or unhealthy food. But , which is unrealistic food in Pakistan. Majority of Pakistan feels why I should by a salad pie of just around 200 Rupees ($2.5). Subway responsible for not satisfying people and disturbing hopes.

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US Health Ad Pointed Out ” MC DONALD’s ” a Culprit [VIDEO]



US Health Ad Target Mc Donald's

Us health Ad target Mc Donald’s , for its factory system and ignoring everything just for the business. On the other side Guardian posted something on it :

“Unhappy meals: American doctors’ TV ad features a corpse holding a hamburger and the line ‘I was lovin’ it’. McDonald’s, which has thrived in the recession, isn’t laughing”

Now we must draw few lines before we begin to step up into practical lives, whether Healthy life is important for us or recession. Mc Donald’s who is the basic cause of FAT , Diabetes and other heart diseases not in just USA but in other major countries . Big Question just arises why Mc Donald’s ? Why not others? Because Mc Donald’s was the initiator of this system , they produced a factory system rather than Fresh food system.

Today , a person is seems to be like chicken in case of recession. I want to ask you , than why you are earning ? to whom you want to grow up? if healthy life is less important than recession.

A hard-hitting US television commercial bankrolled by a Washington-based medical group has infuriated McDonald’s by taking an unusually direct shot at the world’s biggest fast-food chain this week, using a scene filmed in a mortuary followed by a shot of the brand’s golden arches logo and a strapline declaring: “I was lovin’ it.”

The line is a provocative twist on McDonald’s long-standing advertisingslogan, “I’m lovin’ it” and a voiceover intones: “High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks. Tonight, make it vegetarian.”

MC DONALD’S Spokesman:

“This commercial is outrageous, misleading and unfair to all consumers. McDonald’s trusts our customers to put such outlandish propaganda in perspective, and to make food and lifestyle choices that are right for them.”

You Should have to decide what type of life style you want? Do you want to be a burger or FREE as SALAD?

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Kis Ne Kaha Tha Pepsi Pe 5 Rupay Kam Ker do – Revolutionary Ad




Kis ne Kaha tha Pepsi pe 5 Rupay kam Kerdo

Simple , Pepsi Cola ad for Ramadan rocks the whole Pakistan. Just one phrase of ad dominates all advertisements in Ramadan “Kis Ne kaha tha pepsi pe 5 Rupay Kam kerdo!”.

Many Jokes , Teasers and fun made of this ad. Actually Pepsi is offering 5 Rupees discount on retail price.

Have a look at the video and jokes.

Joke 1:

Mujrim ko phansi ki saza sunai gai to judge ne pucha marny sy pehly koi akhri khwahish ?
Mujrim : judge sahib marny sy pehly bus ye bata dain k
” kis ne kaha tha  pepsi pe 5 rupay kam kar do ” ?

Joke 2:

Us bechari pr sy ab ye zulmat k badal khatm kardo
Qisa ye purana hua ab esy bhasam kardo
Ye ilzam bhi me apny sar leta hun fraz…

Me ny hi kha tha k

Joke 3:

Eid ki khushiu se mulk me pyar bhar 2,

Bhool jao nafratai,jhagray khtam kr2

Ae doston mjhe tum bus itna btao

Kis ne kaha tha Pepsi py 5 rupy kam kar do 2.

Joke 4:

AB TO mujay Dar lgta ha k kahe board k paper ma ye swal na ajai

K Ks ne kaha tha k pepsi pay 5 rupy kam kr do. . . ? ? ? :-) :-) ;o)

Joke 5:

Itna Heran mat ho
China Se sMs Tha
Poch Rahe Thay
Kisne Kaha Tha K Pepsi Pe 5 Rupay Kam Krdo :p

Joke 6:

Breaking news,
“Kis ne kaha tha k pepsi par 5 rupe kam kr 2?” ke maqboliyat daikhty howy talban or lashkar-e-tayibah ne zimidari qabol kr li,

Joke 7:

Ajab pagal c lrki the,
mujy her khat me likhti the,
mujy tm yad krty ho,?
Mujy takti he rehti the,
koch kehna tha shahid us ko,
jany kis se darti the,
ek roz chand taly us ne,
mujy bahon me ly kr wo,
ankhon me daly ankhen wo,
bhot masum lehjy se,
me bola jan ab bus b kro,
jo kehna hai wo keh dalo,
wo sharma bhag gai ,
phir palti or ye keh dala,
“kis ne kaha tha k pepsi par 5 rupe kam kr 2?”;-)

Joke 8:

Rat bhar jag kr ye sochta rehta hn faraz,
Kis ne kaha tha k pepsi par 5 rupe kam kr 2,

Joke 9:


Pak Betting Scandal men pakre jane wale Mazhar Majeed ne Investigation k duran bataya k unhon ne Amir aur Asif ko no balls krne ko kaha
aur aisa hi hoa.
Is k bad unhon ne is Ramazan k sb se bare raaz ko be’naqab krte hoe bataya k


Main ne hi Pepsi pe 5 Rupay kam krne ko bola tha or aisa hi hoa :-)

Ab mil gaya jawab sb ko. . . .

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