Zardari call the World’s attention, to Help Pakistan

Zardari call the World’s attention, to Help Pakistan


President Zardari

President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday, at Lahore, Pakistan  called , the international community to provide Pakistan more resources to fight terrorism and facilitate development.

  • President says country needs Marshall Plan, route of all wars in Afghanistan goes through Pakistan
  • Pakistan wants better relations, improved trade with neighbours

Addressing at Governor’s House, the president said, “We have to persuade the world to give us the resources to take on the monster of terrorism.”

He further said this century would “belong to Asia” and the world is  looking towards Pakistan.

“There is natural instinct in the nation of Pakistan to turn the odds in their favour … it has been demonstrated by the people and political forces, including the Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League, that they turn their weaknesses into strengths,” he said.

“Time and again, I have asked the world for a Marshall plan for Pakistan, like the one they had for Europe – yes, they have not agreed as yet, but can I, will I make them agree? I can promise you that one day, they will come to our position. One day, they will realise that the route of all wars in Afghanistan goes through Pakistan,” he said.

He assured gathering that Pakistan want to move peace-fully with his neighbors.

“But they have to look at the situation with a regional outlook. The problems cannot be solved indigenously by Pakistan or any other country. It has to be a collective effort,” he said.

He said the army, police and paramilitary forces now had the total support of the people of Pakistan.

“We stand together against terrorists who want to change our way of life. We have come this far through political maturity .I congratulate the prime minister, parliament, the leader of the opposition and all political forces over the political ownership of the war on terror.”

He also claimed that now we have found this , that this is our own war.

How we can remove this terrorism from Pakistan?