Kamran Faisal – NAB has been tagged “Suicide”

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officer Kamran Faisal found dead in his room on friday 18th January , 2013 . By investigation , the initial post mortem report said that it was suicide. 

In the report it has been said that nor resistence , torture or any type of damaged marks or bones found. Depending on these facts and analysis a five panel doctors team states this that it was a suicide. However, for further investigation the samples have been sent to forensic lab.

Claim: On the other side the family said it was a murder not a suicide , as there were torture marks on his body.

He was one of the officers looking into rental power plants case investigations when Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was power minister. Kamran Faisal, had the position of assistant director at the bureau, was found hanging from the ceiling fan in his room at the federal lodge number 2 on Friday – 18th January , 2013.



2013 has arrived with very loud noise for the whole world that its enough for the recessions anywhere now! However, in Pakistan businesses are under critics not because of recessions but because of man made crisis  of electricity and other energies.

7 years ago we heard that energy crisis would be chased in 5 years and today we are hearing the same voice from some political powers would going to kill these crisis in coming 2-3 years. However, unfortunately our energy think tanks have still not measured from where to start ?

The damage given by energy crisis

  • Textile Titanic of Pakistan sinked more than half because of Governance made crisis
  • IT industry is facing serious trouble of interruption in electricity
  • Small and medium sized production centers deemed to close their units because they cannot face losses
  • Inflationary genie has come out of lamp and making alliance with energy crisis with high cost

This was one phase of Pakistan’s business prospect , on the other side we have to find opportunities in Pakistan as Business :

  • Cheap , excess electricity
  • Low cost Fuel and lubricants but with good quality
  • Huge market waiting for you the matter is access production of energy but on low cost

Low cost energy and fuels definitely would going to ignite the whole industry on minor and major levels both. People are loosing buying power because of not having windows to invest and to circulate their capital.

What you need an environment for the business , in Pakistan its just an environment gap. Once the environment sets everything would be on a smooth road to success.

Whereas, still different companies working for better exports of Pakistan like Briotex and other similar companies.



Today Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) would going to issue the notification for resuming the Youtube in Pakistan , tweeted by Rehman Malik Interior Minister . 

After 3 months of blockage , Mr. Malik claimed that PTA has found a very powerful firewall software which would going to block all anti-Islamic content and also pornographic websites . However, might with the time we have forgotten the soul of Pakistani’s protest. Pakistan were in protest not just to block videos or content from their country side but to ensure and convey a message to Cyber Giant Google the sentiments dented of Muslims by a value asset owned by Google.

Pakistani’s major protest was for the freedom of expression for peace but not to free in such a way to plant violent content.  However,  currently our authorities work everything in such a way :

  • If Terrorism suspected “Ban Motorbike Double Sawari”
  • If Major Events in Country Side “Suspend Mobile Services”
  • Protests against website “Ban website for few months”
Please have review what Mr. Malik tweeted .
Sen. Rehman Malik Tweets


Finally , In Pakistan youtube is resuming back.


With 64% of the total population and 47% of the registered voters below the age of 35 years ,its now pretty obvious that the result of this next elections and probably the fate of this nation lies in the hands of youth. The question however one tends to ask is that if Youth was that important a player, why over all these years it had been neglected by our governments? Why they have never shown interest in investing in this stupendous human resource? The Governments will spend billions on some useless scheme and project but never did they make any serious attempt to empower our youth.

In the last decade or so ,we have seen that it was only Imran Khan who had been stressing upon the importance of youth in general and especially in politics while others were of the view that Imran is wasting his time in his efforts to politicize them .However when other parties realized that PTI has been able to give voice to this silent majority and youth, they too jumped in and since then has been trying hard to impress this youth element with various gimmicks .However the challenges and problems faced by youth today are grave ones and “Lollipops Schemes” may help in getting some votes but will never bring any long lasting change in the current scenario. In such desperate times for Youth it was necessary for Imran Khan and PTI to announce their policy for the youth so that one could know that whether this Youth Mantra by PTI is just a rhetoric slogan or PTI does really have any intention to bring a Youth Revolution

On 4th November 2012, PTI presented its youth policy in an electrifying Youth Convention. The Youth Policy was made by a Youth Task Force consisting of some of the brightest youth members of PTI. The Policy was presented by 4 youth representatives in front of the top PTI leadership and thousands of enthusiastic PTI supporters. Overall PTI Youth Policy seems to be a plan that will possibly empower youth on permanent basis .

It was announced that at least 25% of the parliamentary tickets will be allotted to youth which is a remarkable step for political empowerment of youth. Two seats will be reserved in every Union Council and Village Council (1 male and 1 female)who will be called as Youth Councilors .Youth Parliament will be an elected body and it will serve as the nursery to groom future leadership for Pakistan.

In order to ensure equality among all socio-economic classes, it was announced that uniform education curriculum will be introduced throughout Pakistan. Education budget will be increased from 1.8% of GDP to 5% of GDP. The number of youth to benefit from vocational training to be increased from 300K to 2 million per annum. Similarly 2 million new jobs per annum will be created for the youth so that by end of 5 years term at least 10 million new jobs will be there to solve the unemployment problem.

A new autonomous institution “National Youth Foundation” linked with ministry of Human Resource will be established and it will work for the betterment of youth . Jawan Markaz will be formed at both Tehsil and Union Council Level. Jawan Markaz will have a comprehensive data of their region and they will deal with all problems of the youth at their local level.

The announcement of youth policy is definitely a peerless and timely step by PTI but it has also brought forward a few challenges not only for its opponent political parties but also for PTI itself.

It’s a definite challenge for PPP and PML_N as both parties havent been able to provide the youth with any direction. For PPP the name of Bhutto wont work for this youth as been born in post Bhutto era, most of them doesn’t relate themselves to ‘bhutto’ or ‘anti-bhutto’ phenomenon.. For PML-N this youth policy will also pose a challenge as till now Punjab Govt has been more interested in political gimmicks of Laptops and 3 months paid internships schemes than giving any serious thought on issues of education and job creation.

The Challenge for PTI is also huge. Being young alone can never be a criteria for getting a ticket and unless one is competent enough nobody can be awarded ticket just for the reason that he/she happens to fall in the age group of 24-35 yrs. The commitment that at least 25% of tickets will be awarded to youth will mean that PTI will have to work extra hard in finding brilliant and consummate young guns who have got some sort of electability too. Its true that Imran Khan has succeeded in politicizing the youth and today youth is highly enlightened about politics. However what is yet to be seen is that have we reached the stage where this Youth is also willing to come forward in constituency politics and risk their lives and professional careers for an honest political career.

Last but not least there is an intriguing challenge for youth too that will they be able to deliver to the expectations that PTI,Imran khan and this nation have developed with them or they will disappoint everyone by repeating the mistakes that their elders have made in last three decades. The first test for the Youth will be the next General Elections where their voting trend for various political parties will show how bright or dim our future may be. .

As Hervert Hoover said and I quote:
“Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die”

The War against corruption and injustice may be declared by Imran Khan but in order to win it,its the youth that has to fight alongside him.Youth has to realize its potential and should try to avoid any kind of egocentric attitude. Its time for youth to forget self-interests and should work for the collective good of the society as its their future that is at stake here.


Bangalore: A 47-year-old cricket fan died following a heart attack while watching the first India-Pakistan T20 match on Tuesday at the Chinnaswamy stadium, a senior police official said.

“Kamal Jain, who was watching the match from the stands, felt uneasy during the 18th over when Pakistan was batting. Though he was rushed to the nearby Mallya hospital by ambulance, he died after admission,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Ravi Kante Gowda told media.

Mr Jain, who originally hailed from Odisha, was working in a private firm in Bangalore.

As he complained of breathing trouble, his family members, who were also present in the stands, carried him out of the stadium and rushed him to the hospital, less than 1km from the venue.

“No case is being registered as it was a natural death. It was a coincidence that he was in the stadium then when he felt uneasy as he was not able to breathe properly. It’s sad,” Mr Gowda added.

India lost to Pakistan by five wickets in a thriller.

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Pakistan beat India in the first T20 Match of the tour 2012/2013 . Good bowling of the bowlers and skipper Hafeez & Shoaib Malik put Pakistan on winning track.

Indian tour becomes an ice-breaker for both cricket loving countries. As this was expected to be a crunch match but Pakistan team’s class stood this match. India took batting in the first innings where their opening pair were 70/0 in 10 overs and just crumbled down to 133/9 – 20 overs.  Match took up to the last over where 10 runs were needed where Malik played the last shot which was SIX.

Between the match things have heated up too much when, Ishant and Kamran standing inches apart from each other, shouting out sweet nothings, Suresh Raina comes in, the umpires too, Ishant steps back,Umpire then walks upto Kamran again, sorted out in the end.


Malik Riaz – Real Estate Tycoon

Malik Riaz is not in confidence to accept the judgement by justice of Pakistan, Real Estate tycoon Malik Riaz has decided to to take his case against Arsalan Iftikhar to a British court, according to sources.

This news has been dictated by Zahid Bukhari his counsel in this case. Addressing to the media bukhari said that the exchange of money between Arsalan and Malik Riaz took place in Britain and therefore it has been decided to file case in Britain.

In this connection he will leave for Britain on December 25, 2012. The lawyer claimed that Pakistan’s courts were not providing justice to his client Malik Riaz , hoping that Britain courts will be unbiased and will pass a fair and honest judgement.

According to media reports that Arsalan had received between Rs300 and Rs400 million from a real estate tycoon to influence judicial proceedings, the Supreme Court had summoned him and Riaz to initiate proceedings against them.


Hurricane Sandy was a tropical cyclone that severely affected portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October 2012, with lesser impacts in the Southeastern and Midwestern states and eastern Canada.

1. Hurricane Sandy began in Jamaica on October 22nd, developing from an elongated tropical wave near the Caribbean sea.

2. More than 12,000 flights were canceled due to the hurricane and the three main airports which serve New York City were shut down for two days.

3. In one of the worst affected areas, more than 100 homes were destroyed by an overnight blaze in the Irish enclave of Breezy Point in Queens.

4. There was no trading for two days on Wall Street as a result of the storm damage. The last time the New York Stock Exchange closed for two consecutive days for weather-related reasons was 1888.

5. During the height of the storm, estimates suggest there were over three and a half million tweets with the hashtag #Sandy, according to the New York Times. Instagram’s chief executive officer Kevin Systrom told the Associated Press that about 10 pictures per second were being uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #sandy.

6. Estimated to run into tens of billions of dollars, the scope and cost of the damage is still unknown. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey called it “incalculable.”

7. In comparison, Hurricane Irene, a New York storm which hit in August of 2011, cost the city alone $55 million, according to the New York Daily News.

8. As a result of the storm, the Greenwich Village Halloween parade was postponed for the first time in the parade’s 39-year-history.

9. Sandy caused the worst damage in the NY subway’s 108-year-history. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced limited subway service would resume on Thursday, but significant sections of the largest mass-transit system in the U.S. remain disabled.

10. Over 4.8 million customers remained without power on Thursday morning in 15 states and the District of Columbia, according to CNN. The worst affected states are New Jersey with 1,983,694 customers out of power; New York with 1,514,147; Pennsylvania with 526,934; and Connecticut with 352,286.

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