Search Engine Rankings released

Search Engine Rankings released


Google King of Search Rankings

Search Engines are one of modern days need , without this , we might got blind on internet, in respect to find some relevant website.

The Nielsen Company released its U.S. search rankings for December 2009 earlier today. From the big three — Google, Yahoo and Bing — Google saw an increase in search share, of 67.3% , while both Yahoo and Bing faltered.
Comparing December’s data with some of the measurements from past months seems to indicate that Bing’s marketshare forward movement was just temporary.
Below we’ve included Nielsen’s data from December 2009 and November 2009. As you can see, Google held a 67.3 percent share in U.S. searches for December 2009. That’s up nearly two full percentage points when compared with the November statistics, which is indicating the King of Search Engine.
Looking at the charts, it’s clear that this growth came directly at the expense of Yahoo and Bing. Both search engines fell nearly a full point from November to December. Google’s high-profile rollout of real-time search results the first week of December might have had an impact.
December Stats
November Stats
Now that Yahoo and Microsoft are officially teaming up for search, both companies will need to start working together quickly if they want to recover and build marketshare. The longer the transition takes, the more Google stands to gain.
Do you think , Microsoft and Yahoo jointly can tackle GOOGLE boom from past 10 years?