Guess the M9 Leaked TV Commercial

Guess the M9 Leaked TV Commercial [VIDEO]


M9 TVC Leaked

Jago News got a “possible Launch advertisement” for M9 by Zong.

Video AD, which for the first time reveals about the origin and scope of M9, is nicely filmed showing a photography event going wrong. It tries to depict that usual circumstances/settings, which are not as per your plan may end up ugly.

When asked about the originality of the video, Zong’s spokesperson denied to comment anything.

We were able to extract information from TVC that M9 will be a new brand from Zong where customers will be given a liberty to choose their calling plans according to their needs.

TVC exactly says App Plan Banaye Exactly Apni Merzi Ka

Customers will be able to choose their plan from their phone numbers or the website

Earlier, the teaser video for M9 generated plenty of buzz in the cyberspace when it got leaked. We are told that Zong undesirably aired the teaser video ahead of schedule due to the leak. If that is the case, we can assume say that M9 will hit the surface in next few hours or a day at most.

Just to add here, with the teaser video and campaign on Facebook, industry has a perception that M9 is a youth brand, we would like our readers to comment on what they think, “If M9 is a youth targeted brand or it’s a more of a generic brand”.

M9 is grabbing too much user attention and might will cross record limits. Zong is always prepared for some creative offers. But for the first time they launched a Brand in Pakistan.