ECP Skips Overseas Voting : Elections 2013

ECP Skips Overseas Voting : Elections 2013


ECP Opposed Overseas Voting
ECP Opposed Overseas Voting

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) steps back and have finalized to oppose an online voting system for overseas Pakistanis, in the resport which they have submitted to Supreme Court on Monday, JAGO NEWS reported.

Election commission stated that allowing overseas Pakistanis the right to vote is a positive and progressive thought. However,  through a non-certified computerised system could be disastrous for the whole electoral process of PAKISTAN.

There should be proper, comprehensive, flawless procedures and measures to be taken for the voting rights of overseas Pakistanis by Law, report stated.

Of the 4.5 million overseas Pakistanis registered to vote, around 1.7 million live in Saudi Arabia, 1.3 million live in the UAE, 277,133 live in Oman, 131,569 live in Kuwait and 80,146 live in Bahrain – importantly these countries not allow such political activities.

The remaining number, 367,989 registered Pakistani voters live the in UK, 131,599 in the US, 90,148 in Canada, 56,495 in Greece, 55,851 in Malaysia, 39,618 in Spain, 23,585 in France and 15,729 live in Australia.

There votes might have impact on their home constituencies. But , we canot deny a threat to electoral process too.