Apple Watch Releasing This March 2015

Apple Watch Releasing This March 2015


Apple watch releasing date is extended to spring from January 2015. Rumors is month could be March , 2015. However, the concept is amazing again in the absence of Apple’s brain ‘Steve Jobs’. As Steve Jobs forced everyone over his vision to “Think Different” , designer and senior vice president Jony Ive followed the vision undoubtedly. Despite the product is already in the market from other tech companies. Masses are just waiting for Apple to dominate.

Why Apple watch is important to you ?

Apple’s first wearable wrist gadget beams messages, Facebook updates and simplified apps to our wrists, eliminating the all common stuff not needed to take out our devices to constantly check notifications.

This amazing gadget shows the new ways of life not just receiving notifications but to apply feeling “Taptic” feedback is the most interesting and beautiful thing.

According to Apple VP Designer “Jony Ive” adviced us

“This is the compulsion to take incredible powerful technology, and make it accessible relevant and ultimately personal. You do not need this to put on your desk or in your pocket,  you just wear them on your wrist , No one can determine a boundary in physical object and the software of Apple.”

He wants to convey us that technically innovation , connects with the wearer , and it’s inspiring design gives you feel of proud and satisfaction.