3 No Balls Pakistan Match Fixing £150,000 : Another Disaster for Pakistan

3 No Balls Pakistan Match Fixing £150,000 : Another Disaster for Pakistan


Today, this might be another disaster for Pakistanis that we a cricket loving nation being caught in brutal match fixing with authentic proves. Yes , this is as same as the incident of Sialkot happened , Team of Pakistan was leading us as an ambassadors and they finally  make us shamed.

Till now 7 players have been substantially involved in this match fixing. Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif at the top list because major fixing was on them.

The whole fixing was on three No-Balls. Just three No-Balls took the cricket to Crore.

THEY are the three no-balls that will be recorded in the statistics books forever – and will be remembered for shaking cricket to its core.

No Ball Sequence Fixing:

  • Amir First Ball of 3rd Over.
  • Asif Sixth Ball of the 10th Over
  • Amir’s 3rd Ball 3rd Over
Match Fix No Ball

The BBC online commentary read: “Dirty great no-ball from Amir, that was fully two feet over.”

Millions of fans who watched Pakistan bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif send down the trio of deliveries over two days’ play at Lord’s, had no idea they were bowled as part of a match-rigging scam.

2nd Asif No Ball

Seven overs later, yet more disgrace was heaped on the game, as 27-year-old Asif also overstepped the crease on the LAST BALL of the TENTH OVER. He too went through the masquerade of calling for sawdust to dry the ground.

3rd No Ball

On the TV replay, the side view showed he placed his foot at least eight inches past the line. It prompted bowling legend Michael Holding to exclaim: “How far over was that? Woh!”

Ian Botham added: “It’s like net bowling” – referring to when bowlers don’t try so hard when they are practising in the nets.

With his next ball Amir bowled a delivery that again caused problems for Jonathan Trott, with both commentators saying how good a ball it had been. Test Match Special listeners on BBC Radio 4 heard Jonathan Agnew and England legend Geoffrey Boycott recall how Amir had massively overstepped the crease the day before and called the delivery a “hostile ball”. Agnew explained to listeners that Amir’s boot was over the line “by a foot”.

This is the Cricket which we use to play. Just 3 No-Balls makes them Millionaire but Nation ashamed. News of the world reporter was videoing every moment of this drama. Yes it was settled with no doubt.

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