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City Ville : Fastest Growing Game



City Ville

Zynga’s new game City Ville on facebook is the fastest growing game in the company’s history. It grabs 300,000 players in first 24 hours and 3 million daily active users in the first week.

It’s growth still accelerating , its already have achieved 6 million daily active users.  This is four times faster than Frontier ville and five time faster than Farm Ville.

Time Span took to get 6 Million Daily Active Users

FarmVille: 46 days
FrontierVille: 32 days
8   days

Whats is the reason for such a growth in this game ? Growth reason is  that It was the first time Zynga did an international launch in five languages English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Another this game is seems bigger than last games.

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