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love_telephoneThe voice is powerful – use your voice in your love life!

Admire their words
Admire what they say, show them that you care all the time, every single second that you’re on the phone with them. Cherish them, adore them, love them.

Ask for forgiveness
If u have done something wrong, ask for forgiveness and your actions must show that you are really sorry.

Guys should call girls a lot because sometimes it makes the girl feel good.

Cheer her up!
Sometimes a guy should just call to cheer up his girlfriend. If she’s angry at you, then you should try your best to get through to her. If you can’t get through to her, then ask her friends to make her not think about it. A simple call can put a smile on someone’s face worth more than a million dollars. Same can be applied for girls whose boyfriend is angry at them.

Girls love cheezy guys, to an extent. If you’re calling her and you don’t know how to say hi to her when she answers, say something like “wow, that’s crazy…” pause for a sec and she’ll of course say “what?” You should say something like “just hearing your voice makes me smile.” I know, it’s stolen from Hitch, but it really works. Most girls really like it when a guy lowers his pride to do cheezy things like that. It shows that you don’t care that people might make fun of you for it. It also shows that you are focused completely on her, unless you just want some pastime. Remember this is a love/romance “class.”

Don’t avoid there romantic mood
If your partner is in romantic mood, then don’t say “I have work” or “I’m busy.” After a while your partner will start losing interest in you.

End your talk with
End your conversation with a sweeeeeeeeeet “I love you” wish.

Focus on the PHONE
We all multi-task, but it is VERY easy to realize that someone you are talking to on the phone is also doing something else – watching TV, answering email, surfing the web. It makes you feel pretty meaningless, that you are only part of what your phone-mate is thinking about.

Give him some space
Don’t “crowd” him. Give him his space and allow him to hang out with his friends so he can be a normal guy. Hold on to him loosely, don’t call him let him come to you.

I Just Called to Say
Send your love a pre-paid calling card. Attach a note that says, “I love hearing your voice,” or something equally romantic.

Just a phone call
Call your beloved from work just to say, “Hi, I wanted to hear your voice.”

Just a Thought
Call them at random times and just say you love them!

Before hang up the phone tell your partner you love them and blow them a kiss over the phone.

You have to listen to your mate, and really HEAR what they are trying to say. The most well known reason for arguments is mistaken intentions, mainly because the man wasn’t listening.

Love is something that cannot be taken away from you unless you are unsure about yourself.

Loving unconditionally
If you love someone there is a need to tell them you love them no matter what.

Make her laugh
Make her laugh often by telling her good jokes, don’t make it messy by spoiling her mood. If she says she doesn’t find it funny than quit it.

Men makes mistake. If you wish you can forgive him once or twice, but be cautious that you have changed his nature. If he still does it and it hurts you then let him know how you feel about it.

Never lie
If you really love someone you shouldn’t lie about what you say. It’s best to tell them the truth because lying only makes things worse. When talking to them always talk as if she/he is the only person in your life.

Phone Free
Being in a long distance relationship is hard, but it can also be expensive. A large telephone bill is just one of the added costs. But now you can talk to your sweetheart for free by using your PCs. All you have to do is go to and download their software. You must also have a headset, or speakers and a microphone. This should help you save on phone charges and talk to each other more often.

While talking on phone your sound should be calm, cool, relax, stylish and sexy. You should use words like dear, darling, honey, bunny, baby, my princess, my queen,etc.

Tell him what’s on your mind
Tell him what’s on your mind, or what you’re thinking about at the time. Don’t get angry at him because he’s not a psychic.

Tell it to her
If you love someone there is a need to tell them how much they mean to you.

The end
If you love them, than say “I love you,” before hanging up. Never say a simple bye before hanging up.

Become more relative like
To become more relative like and to get a place in her mind (and heart), you have to overtake her thoughts. That is by simply helping her when she’s struggling, always talk to her while smiling, give her something she likes, and etc. Don’t be over touchy and don’t try to behave like a “wanna-be” material. You have to make a good impression on her, not turn her away from you.

Try not to call too often
It is an open secret that guys like to be initiators, so do not call him every 30 minutes, let him think about calling you. This way you will be sure to find out how often he misses you.

If a women talks to you, you must listen with care and show her that you are listening to her by making eye contact and don’t ever speak or cut in while she’s speaking to you.

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103 Years old Granny on “Facebook Highway” : World Record




Super Gran Facebook

All grandparents are awesome, that is an undeniable fact of life. But some are more awesome than others, and Lillian Lowe ranks highly in my opinion.

How old is the oldest person you are friends with on Facebook? I’m guessing none will be as old as Lillian Lowe from Tenby in Wales. Because at 103-years-old, she is believed to be the oldest person in the world to use Facebook. Even more amazing is the fact she accesses the social networking site via her Grandson’s iPad.

Already known to her grandchildren as Super Gran, they have now re-nicknamed her Superhighway Gran after she joined Facebook despite being several generations older than the average Facebook user. At the moment Lowe has around 30 friends, mostly family, but with the story of her presence on the site spreading around the Web that is sure to rise. That is, at least, if she decides to accept the mountain of friend requests heading her way.

Lowe told Tenby Today:

It’s a wonderful way of finding out about things, but I must say it’s a dreadful time waster!

Her grandson Steve Lowe, who helped set her up on the site and who lends her his Apple iPad to check it regularly, commented:

What’s great about Gran is that she’s not afraid to take things on and is always willing to learn – she’s a great inspiration to us all.

Lowe is thought to be the oldest Facebook user in the world as the former holder of that title, Ivy Bean, sadly passed away earlier this year at the ripe old age of 104. Bean was also considered to be the oldest Twitter user as well, but though Lowe knows what Twitter is, she isn’t yet using the site. Give it time.

This may be a fun little story on the surface but actually it’s one that demonstrates age is no barrier to using technology and the Internet. The iPad, and tablets in general, could help older people take the plunge and begin to explore computers and the Web. And that is something I’d love to see happen more and more.

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10-year girl becomes mother in Spain : Father 13 Year Old




10 year old Mother in Spain- Courtesy 9 News

MADRID:  10 year old girl has given birth in southern Spain and  authorities are evaluating whether to let her and her family retain custody of the baby, an official said on Tuesday.

The baby was born last week in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, said Micaela Navarro, who is the Andalusia region’s minister of social affairs.

Navarro told reporters the father of the baby is also a minor, and both the mother and the baby were in good health. Her department declined to give further details , such as the sex of baby.

The father of the 2.9-kilo (6.4-pound) baby was 13 years old and had remained in Romania, she said, describing him as her daughter’s former boyfriend.

The young mother “is very well, very well, like the daughter who is very well and very pretty,” Olimpia was quoted as saying.

The 10-year-old, discharged after three days at a hospital in nearby Jerez where she gave birth, “is very happy with her daughter. This is a great joy. It is not a drama,” she reportedly said.

National daily said the number of births to girls aged under 15 in Spain had climbed to 178 births in 2008 from 80 in 1997.

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Telenor Ad’s Disgracing and giving Disrespect to Women




BY : Mrs. Mehvish Imran

Telenor - Applying Western Culture

Telenor’s new TV commercial ‘internet more” is based on disgraceful words used against women who form more than 51% of the population of Pakistan. Labeling a college girl as “Taza Hawa Ka Jhonka”, it shows the degradation of society as a whole. It is a source of resentment and an assault on sanctity of women for many believing in social values.

The misuse of technology i.e. mobile internet service has been promoted unethically targeting immature minds of college and school going students. Setting aside the responsibility as a corporate entity, telenor preferred immoral language to promote its services among present and prospective users across the country.

“Jisay Moqa Patay hi Talha Nain Kar Dya TAG” is an offensive street language used in Telenor’s advertisement against women. It’s an insult to one’s intelligence and need to be condemned widely.

Multinationals are expected to follow values that show respect to individuals. Whenever they derail from this, they not only offend their customers but also the larger community they operate in. They are least expected to pick the regressive parts of popular culture and give them a lease of life.

Media’s power to influence public opinion is on the rise in Pakistan. The spread of a message has been increased drastically with the coming in of private TV Channels. At this point of time commercial entities promoting goods and service must work with the highest sense of responsibility. Can Telenor avoid letting down those who are struggling for better gender sensitive society in Pakistan?

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